Koko is a New Zealand based company that specialises in providing creative forward thinking solutions and the practical implementation of projects in both the public and private sector from public engagement and strategic thinking to design. Founded by Chris Morley-hall in 2000 KOKO has consulted for some of the largest projects and created some of the most spectacular public events in recent New Zealand history, won awards for design and worked with some of the largest companies in the private sector along with local government, central government.

Koko has thrived on generating excitement and wide public name recognition for public and private organisations wherever it has staged projects.

"Chris is a highly talented artist, clever and wise with great skill in public works and design. A pleasure to work with he can transform a landscape with his genius. A stunning thinker. "
Bob Harvey - Chaiman - Waterfront Auckland

"I have worked with Chris for 8 years on a variety of projects. His originality and tremendous success in experience design is built from a classic combination of curiosity, courage, humour, intelligent design and genuine human insight. He knows what people will like before they do and consequently his projects are always fresh and often surprising. "
Nick Brown-Haysom - Managing Director New Zealand Sponsorship Agency

"I have been aware of Chris's work for a long time and known and worked with him over recent years. From this I know him to be someone of great vision, huge enthusiasm and the ability to make things happen. In a way that is rare amongst other events producers, Chris has a strategic 'big picture' view and the ability to understand, work with and build win-win outcomes for numerous stakeholders within single projects. He is always professional, has great networks and brings warmth and humour to his work and projects. "
Tim Walker – Managing Director - Tim Walker Associates